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The event was really well organised mashaAllah and you guys put a lot of effort in throughout the evening helping us speak to the brothers. (Sister from Bolton)

This is regarding yesterday's event & my discussions with ............. it was a nice meeting and we discussed all things that matter in future life. (Brother from Manchester)

Thank you for organising such an event, hope to hear from you soon. (Sister from Manchester)

The event was really organised.....good effort. (Brother from Manchester)

Selamun Aleykum I just read about your program about Muslim marriages in the Uk and would like to say it is a must. I too did not know how hard it was to get muslims married. We live in Australia and I think we need to do something as well. Just wanted to say we as a community in Australia need to help our young adults that are doing the right thing. (Sister from Australia)

We also need you here in the US BADLY! Jazak Allah bil Khair, and I wish for your enterprise to do very well Insha Allah. (Brother from U.S.)

Thank you so much for today, I really enjoyed it. (Sister from Manchester)

" I really appreciate your struggle for this event, Allah give you reward inshallah, as you are a big hope for brothers and sisters",  (Brother, Gtr Manchester)

Thanks a lot for organising the event! I found it really enjoyable. (Brother from Blackburn)

Well done on the success of your events, mashaAllah you guys are doing a brilliant job. (Sister from Manchester)

Really enjoyed the even,  (Sister from Burnley)

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